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The Integrated Classroom and the Role of the Educator


By: Tiffany R. Harvey




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According to the peer-reviewed article by Papandrea (2012), ” participating in social media can enhance communication and collaboration, facilitate social interaction, promote creativity, and help develop writing and technical skills (p. 1605).

  • Involvement in a social learning environment is imperative to today’s modern organization.  In order to properly incorporate this type of learning environment, there must be an effective strategy and implementation plan put into place using social media platforms.



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Social Learning: – Online Social Interaction via Social Media Platforms

  • Social learning provides a collaborative environment that allows for an ongoing conversation amongst colleagues 365 days a year and 24 hours a day.
  • Social learning encourages employees to work together versus separately in a collaborated effort to better the organization as a whole.
  • Social learning encourages a trainer to work in a dynamic environment with the aid of technology, the primary aim being interaction and education that leads to positive organizational change.

Social Accountability:

  • It is imperative to set up a guideline for employees to use before social media tools are launched within an organization:
    • Provide a structure for employees on how to use social media – such as which platforms are beneficial to their current roles (Twitter, Linkedin, etc).
    • Provide rules & regulations for using social media to prevent future issues from arising e.g. teachers giving unwelcome or uncomfortable online attention to students also known as stalking (Warnick, Bitters, & Falk, 2016).
    • Provide an environment that would work to prevent security lapses and situations by providing training to employees on how to use social media safely.

Organization Accountability:

  • Having an integrated approach to training places an emphasis on partnerships versus singular efforts within the organization.  Not only will individuals be able to have more authentic conversations with each other, but together look for better solutions to problems for the better good of the organization.

Benefits & Challenges

  • Benefits:
    • An interactive and authentic way to communicate with others
    • An ability to have conversations via comments etc in real time
    • An ability to touch people across the world – 365 days a year, 24/7
    • An ability to make changes to the learning environment and platform quickly, and in many cases immediately unlike what would be done with traditional learning systems in which change takes an extensive amount of time
  • Challenges:
    • Usage of certain social media tools is reflective of the character and moral aptitude of the person (e.g. which platforms used & frequency)
    • Content (e.g. photos & written content) published on social media tools is also reflective of the character and moral aptitude of the person.
    • Individual’s online reputation will add to the individual’s in person reputation and persona.  They now go hand and hand in our corporate workplace.
    • If an individual does not display good moral aptitude and judgment which is shared via social media it can lead to serious issues for the individual and the organization.



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An example of a strategy proposed and planned for an organization can be found in this insightful blog in regard to the Palm Beach County District Public School System of Florida: Social Media Policy Web-Based Proposal: Palm Beach County (Florida) Public Schools

*According to “The School District Of Palm Beach County” (2017),  “The School District of Palm Beach County is the eleventh largest in the nation and the fifth largest in the State of Florida with 185 schools, serving more than 194,300 students who speak 154 languages and dialects. As the largest employer in Palm Beach County, the school district has 22,051 employees, including more than 12,729 teachers”.

More Information on Palm Beach County Public Schools

Reflecting on the use of social media by the district, and the policies enacted by the proposed strategy we can see the utilization by employees in the following manner:

  • The individual will be given a model to follow accordingly
  • The individual will be shown how to and how NOT to conduct themselves on social media
  • The individual will be part of a responsible & respectable organization that takes the necessary precautions and procedures on how to use social media




Image retrieved through Pixabay (n.d.)



  • Our strategy will provide the organization with a proven and effective manner in which to utilize social learning via social media platforms in order to bring about a culture of collaboration and authenticity.
    • Specifically by giving the organization:
      • A “rule book” to follow to appropriate as they find necessary for their individual needs
      • A policy to share with employees, students, and parents
      •  A policy that can be used for training and disciplinary action




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