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  • This blog will be focusing on managers that are looking to improve their public speaking skills – including becoming a more effective communicator.
  • Blogs provide an ability to communicate with an audience in one central place that can be accessed 24/7.  In addition, it allows for further conversation through a social medium that allows for details based on experiences and opinions.
  • A blog is a social media platform where an individual can share thoughts, opinions, images, and videos with an audience that would find the content to be intellectually stimulating.
  • This blog can be a central meeting place for individuals to go to learn new methods, see examples, and further utilize skills that are addressed.
  • Advantages:
    • 24/7 access
    • central location
    • sharable to social media platforms
    • interactive with the ability to have a conversation with followers via comments
  • Disadvantages:
    • can be one-sided or more opinion based even in a corporate setting
    • can be interpreted incorrectly by readers
    • followers and commenters can be abusive and inappropriate
    • can be time-consuming
  • Blogs may be used as resources for individuals to enhance education on certain concepts and theories.  These allow for further implementation and conceptualization for individuals to be able to succeed.
  • Begin by searching for blogs that interest you, and sign up for notifications for each particular blog.  In addition, familiarize yourself with the blog and the author.  Read about the author in the “about me” section, and read some past blogs.  Once the author publishes new content go and read the blog.  To fully complete the experience leave a comment and contribute to the conversation with other followers.



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  1. ) Public Speaking for Life – Should I imagine the audience naked when speaking?
  • The blog is written by Sarah Ewen, a co-founder and focuses on the concept of imagining the audience naked as a way to help a speaker feel more at ease when speaking.
  • It appears that the blog has consistent content published.
  • There is no engagement between blog followers and the author, but there is a social media share button for facebook, twitter, and linked in which one can see that there are multiple shares that are made.  That shows that there is an interaction between followers and the content.
  • This blog provides excellent content that bases its opinion on logic and reasoning on how to best properly communicate persuasively with your audience.  In addition, the website displays clear and impacting images that aid in the statement being depicted in the blog post.

2. ) Public Words – The Neuroscience of a First Impression

  • This blog is written by Dr. Nick Morgan, founder of the site and expert in public speaking.
  • This blog is an excellent resource for learning to improve your communication skills for a professional learning looking to take their skills to the next level.
  • This is a beautifully constructed site that is appealing to the eye with high resolution and gorgeous photos.
  • Looking among the comment section you find vibrant conversation happening with readers, and an ability to share to other social media platforms for further discussion within social circles.
  • The author brings a wide amount of knowledge, expertise, and wisdom in this post presented from his extensive experience and education in communication skills.

3. ) Speak Up for Success – How Much Information is Too Much for your Listener?

  • This blog is written by Jezra Kaye, the founder of the site.
  • This blog gives quick and easy tips for public speaking for professionals with a focus on quick implementation specifically, in this case, reducing the amount of information shared to keep the attention of an audience.
  • The blog is constructed well to provide an easy source to gather information and find useable tidbits.
  • Blog posts are not dated but do correspond with the monthly newsletter.  There are numerous categories of blogs and even a “top 100” list of best tips for public speaking.
  • There is an area for comments, but no comments were seen.  In addition, there is an area for sharing to other social media platforms.
  • Towards the bottom of the blog, and the general website as a whole there are reviews from clients and readers with the experiences they have had working with the author and how it positively affected their public speaking skills.

4. ) Ginger Public Speaking – When is it safe to share a controversial opinion? What are we learning from the “Google Memo”?

  • This blog is authored by Sarah Lloyd-Hughes a public speaking expert and best-selling author.
  • This is a blog intended for professionals looking to improve and engage in public speaking through authenticity, but being cognizant of offending individuals with one’s opinion.
  • This blog dives into issues related to public speaking, leadership, and management.  Not only does it address these concerns, but advises on how to overcome them, and aim for success in professional endeavors.

5. ) Brian Tracy’s Ultimate List Of Public Speaking Tips

  • Brian Tracy is a world-renowned expert in personal, business, and leadership success.  A portion of this blog is geared specifically towards professionals looking to improve their public speaking in order to assist them in reaching success.
  • The blog lists post that addresses emotional, physiological, and tactical processes for being an effective communicator with his top list of tips to be an effective public speaker.
  • He has a very large following who are active in comments for his posts with their own personal experiences and implementations of his insights into communication.  In addition, he is very respondent in answering questions and acknowledging the comments from his followers.


~ Well that’s our five blogs to go to inspire you to work to become the best public speaker that you can be!


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